Soup’s On! Who can’t always eat soup?


Spring is coming real soon, but we know we will still have chilly days ahead!

This is your chance to stock up on the award winning soups from Maggie and Mary! You’ll find all their delicious flavors on our website, at Do a search on our online store for Maggie and Mary, and the selection of soups will be available to you. We will send you a free box of the #1 winner, Creamy Wild Rice Soup Mix, with every 3 boxes you order! There isn’t a better soup mix out there– so if you haven’t tried them, – this is the perfect opportunity! Eat well and be well, with our delicious soup mixes! This offer is available March 19 through March 31. You will not see this in your cart.  We will just add it. 


It’s time to eat well and be well!


We have a jam special that will knock your socks off, (and help you get ready to wear flip flops and swim suits!)

Buy 3 No Sugar Added jams, and receive a free delicious No Sugar Added Fourberry Jam! These delicious jams can be used in all the usual ways, or heated and used as a topping for ice cream, or even spread over chicken and baked – that’s so delicious and easy! No Sugar Added jams are sweetened with fruit juice, which means you taste fruit, fruit, and more fruit! If you have never tried our No Sugar Added Jams, – now is your chance! Use them yourself, or give them to a friend who also may want to “eat well and be well”! This offer runs from March 6 – March 17 – so don’t dilly dally for too long! Order up! 

This will not show up in your cart, but we will be sure to make it happen when we see your order!