Special Offers – now through August 10!

Special Offers – now through August 10!

Cherry Juice Conentrate

Cherry Concentrate is so good for you! 

Cherries are one of the only known fruits that contain melatonin. Melatonin is an antioxidant that helps regulate your body’s biorhythm and natural sleep patterns. Scientists have found that cherries contain more of this powerful antioxidant than what is produced by your body. For instance, drinking cherry juice concentrate before and during a long trip can provide a natural way to ease jet lag. How about that? Cherries, dried cherries, cherry concentrate, cherry juice – it’s all good!

Read more: www.livestrong.com

$7 Shipping!

Hot baked pie!  Here you go!  When you order our “Pie In A Box” gift box, besides a delicious quart of cherry pie filling and a pie crust mix, – you’ll get smiles, hugs, and only have to pay $7 for shipping (regularly $14)!  Now that is one hot item! 


No promo code needed – we’ll take care of the details for you!

Specials may not be combined.  Only one special available per order.  Thank you!