Our Winter Jamboree


Our Winter Jamboree

winter 2016

In the height of summer, people often ask us at Seaquist Canning what occupies our winters. While Seaquist Orchards Farm Market is quiet, the Seaquist Processing is closed up tightly and the cherry and apple trees are taking a deep sleep, our canning kitchen is hosting a loud, fragrant and fun Jamboree. These are the months we have to prepare the many delicious jars of products you purchase all season long.

jam 2016 scc

So what does our jamboree sound like? It is the sound of jars clanking, lids popping, music blasting and laughter. What does it smell like? It is almost indescribable! Today it smells like fragrant, sweet, mouthwatering raspberries. We can always tell the flavor of the day by the smell in the air. What does our jamboree look like? We have 7 full time staff working so hard to make and perfect each jar of jam, jelly, salsa and pie filling. We appreciate them so much! In just three weeks’ time that staff made over 36,000 jars of our top flavor, Chopped Cherry Jam. They are a super team!  This week we are working on “small” flavors and then we move onto another top flavor, Cherry Pie Filling. This year we will make about 17,000 jars of our famous cherry pie filling.

jars 2016

The Seaquist family is very thankful that we are able to bring our fruit full circle, from our orchards to your kitchen. We hope that you taste the love and commitment in each bite of our products!


YMCA Kids at Seaquist Orchards Farm Market

It’s a fun day for YMCA kids at Seaquist Orchards Farm Market!

A group of day campers from the Door County YMCA came to visit us today at Seaquist Orchards Farm Market.  Mr. Seaquist took the kids on an orchard tour in a school bus, and taught them about crops and the way we take care of trees.  A quick rest on cool grass in the shade of a big tree felt oh-so-good!  Listening to 4 different antique tractors run was fun too! After the tractor lesson, it was time to check out our new production facility, to see where we make jam, pie filling, press  apple cider and pack apples.  The Rope Maze was the next stop – and hopefully the kids will all find their way through the maze, and back to the Y!