National Cherry Month!

It’s National Cherry Month!  We love February!


It’s National Cherry Month! It seems to come every February, doesn’t it? We thought it would be fun to share news, fun facts, and even fictional information regarding cherries. You may need this info some day!

The view down Seaquist Road may look a bit dreary today, but we don’t mind it!  Our cherries are resting, getting ready for another summer bursting with cherries, hopefully!

Do you know the name of the most popular tart cherry? It makes up about 95% of the tart cherries in the world, with the Morello coming in a very distant second. It’s the Montmorency cherry!  If you intend to do some baking, these tart cherries are the ones to use, because they have such a wonderful flavor! Here in Door County, Wisconsin, we at Seaquist Orchards raise Montmorency cherries, and lots of them! We have them fresh, when it’s cherry season, and frozen in a variety of sizes at Seaquist Orchards Farm Market. We also put them into our jams, pie fillings, and salsas at Seaquist Canning, along with pies, doughnuts, and other baked goods, not to mention our smoothies too! They are delicious!


Beginning of a little remodeling project, as the walls start tumbling down!


Pie Under Door’s Sky

July 13, 2013


Pie Under Door’s Sky

7-9 pm


This you definitely will not want to miss!  It’s a night under the stars, live music, delicious appetizers, discounted shopping, all for the price of a slice of pie!

All activities will be held indoors if the weather is inclement, so plan to come, no matter what the weather man says!  The market will be open for late shopping!

National Cherry Month “Interesting Cherry Fact” #14

National Cherry Month ‘Interesting Cherry Fact” #14 is

all about love today!

The Seaquist family LOVES cherries!  Dark chocolate covered, milk chocolate covered, dried, canned, made into pie filling, jam , cherry topping , put into pies, pastries, and most of all, eaten fresh!

Eat cherries today – you’ll LOVE them!!!


Order cherries online at  We’ve got cherries!

Eat well!  Be well!

Back to Door County cherry history tomorrow!


It’s a sweet deal! Free fabulous fudge!

It’s a sweet deal! Free fabulous fudge! 

Place an order of $30 or more, and we will send you a piece of homemade fudge, – made right here in our fudge kitchen by Joy!

Enter promo-code JOY.  Offer ends 10-13-2012

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Pie Making Class

Every Thursday two pie-making classes are being held in the Seaquist Bakery with people of all ages learning how to make a Door County cherry pie!  After introducing some of the best ingredients and techniques with which to bake, students make and assemble their very own pie that they take home at the end of class.

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Pie Under Door Sky is happening today!

July 14th, 2012 – 630pm-830pm

Please come and join the fun!

If you were able to join us in 2011 for our first ever Pie Under Door Sky, you know that you won’t want to miss it in 2012.  We offer pie, music, a special evening of discounted shopping, and hopefully, a beautiful night to be outdoors.  All activities are held indoors if the weather is inclement, so plan to come, no matter what the weatherman says!

The Seaquist Family is Busy!

We thought you might enjoy learning what each Seaquist family member does during the winter months.  You may think that we leave Door County, and put all thoughts of cherries, tractors, pies, jams and apples on the back burner, as we head out of town.  We all do try to get away for a week or two, but we are busy in the winter, getting ready for the next season.

We will tell you about our family in a very diplomatic way – from the oldest to the youngest!  So, today we will fill you in on Dale Seaquist, the patriarch of Seaquist Orchards, Seaquist Orchards Farm Market, and our family.

Most of you know Dale as the “man in the back who samples the apples” – and that’s who he is alright, along with so much more!

Dale’s comment about winter often goes like this, “There are two things the matter with winter:  it’s too short, and there is never enough snow.”  This winter seems to exemplify that more than any other winter in recent history.  We have had very little snow this year, – and the days seem to be filled and flying by.  Dale took off on his motorcycle shortly after the market closed for the season in October, for what he considers to be a relatively short trip – to Alabama to see some family members. He and Kristin have also taken a couple of shorter road trips, and have a few things in the works yet, as far as traveling goes.

Much of Dale’s time is spent repairing, building and dreaming about what we can do next in our family business.  He’s the inventor of the family, and has built some amazing things over the years!

Right now, Dale is working on restoring a 1930 Model N Fordson, like the first tractor Dale drove.  You will have to see it when you come to the market this next season – it’s quite the tractor!

Dale will likely never retire from being a farmerImage  Why would he?  He loves what he is doing!