DSC_0128.JPGThe beautiful apple and cherry tree bloom is approaching soon! Each tree across the farm will slowly break out of dormancy with the warming temperature and longer days, and begin the growing season with a burst of colorful flowers ranging from white to pink.

As the blossoms open local bees and other flying pollinators begin their work of carrying pollen from blossom to blossom. Seaquist Orchards also brings in additional beehives which aid in ensuring pollination in less than ideal weather conditions. These pallet sized hives arrive first in our southernmost fields where blossoms generally open first, and are then moved North as the bloom works its way up the Door Peninsula.

A few brave souls rise well before the sun to move these sleeping beehives before they wake to the day’s warmth. The pallets are carefully loaded onto a flatbed truck, and driven to their next field to be carefully unloaded, all before the hive rises for another busy day of pollinating.



As warm spring weather patiently makes its way up to wonderful Door County, watch as our orchards put on their finest as our growing season kicks off, and keep an eye out for the beehives and the trucks carrying them in the early predawn hours!